Red Primary Learning Log

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Red Primary Learning Log for K-2nd grade, wide ruled with dotted center line

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Red Primary Learning Log (K thru 2nd grade). Each year a student builds his own textbook, logging in foundational material as he learns it. The lines in this edition are wide-rule with a dotted center line. The Log has two sections, a place for adding new spelling words and a reference page section that will reinforce spelling rules taught. The teacher also needs to build a sample teacher’s master.

SWR Trivia: The Black Learning Log received the color in its name from the covers of the blank, black-and-white composition books where Spell to Write and Read students learned by “logging in” their spelling words and reference pages before either of the preformatted Logs were published.

Now the Primary Learning Log is changing its name to be consistent with the color theme; it will become the Red Learning Log. This may take many of us some time to adjust. To ease into the new title, there will be a transition period of printing the Red Primary Learning Log.

The Red Primary Learning Log now contains the ED Page and a page to collect abbreviations and contractions!

Have you seen the ABCD’s of SWR?

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