BHI Books and New Publisher Updates

A store will be opening on this site on June 1, 2023! The new domain name will be Until then you might also see in your address bar. You are still in the right place!

April 17, 2023:

We are still working on the details of transferring of our business. We anticipate that our publications will be available this summer with time to order for next school year. Thank you for your continued patience and prayers. Making sure everything is just right before handing over our decades of work is hard work. –Gary and Wanda Sanseri

January 9, 2023:

After 33 years we are in the process of retiring and transferring our business. During this transition we have turned off our shopping cart and are not receiving any new orders. You can still browse our materials on our web site. You will be able to purchase the SWR materials in the near future. Thank you for your patience and understanding. –Gary and Wanda Sanseri

December 14, 2022:

BHI Books is the company who publishes Spell to Write and Read in addition to other materials. BHI Books is owned and operated by Gary and Wanda Sanseri.

When you place an order at, here is what happens behind the scenes:

  • Your payment is processed right away through PayPal. You should receive an email from Paypal. There may also be a confirmation from If you are missing these emails, check your spam folder.
  • Your order enters the queue.
  • Your order is packed and shipped according to the date received.
  • When your order ships, you should then receive a tracking number. Keep an eye on your spam folder.

Mr. Sanseri desires that every order be handled with the utmost care so that yours and further orders are not delayed by errors. Therefore, he packs all the orders personally.

BHI Books received an unexpectedly huge number of orders this last summer. (Yay! That means more people are discovering the benefits of SWR!) Due to the quantity of orders and the care given to each order, there is a great delay in shipping.

The Sanseris agree that this system needs to be updated, but they believe it would not be wise to change anything until their current orders are fulfilled. The Sanseris would like to make sure those who have already placed orders receive the products they have paid for.

If you have placed an order with, please rest assured there are real people processing your order in its turn.

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